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IT company website + free download

Short story

Metastudio was born in 2001 in Vinnitsia. It was the first web studio in the city and one of the first in Ukraine. At that time, studio was engaged in development only commercial sites.
Since 2004, metastudio has been engaged in development of state sites, and in 2013, launched a single platform for the creation of state sites vlada.online. Thanks to this platform, villages and cities can create their own websites without large cash costs.
The concept

The whole site is a tile, a lot of tiles, tiles of different sizes and filling. Why? I decided to make the maximum emphasis on the content of the site. I removed all the extra elements and left only large tiles, inside which are large and colorful previews. So I achieved the maximum concentration on the content.
It was not easy to come to the final form. I removed one element by another and only after going through dozens of variants, I came to the current design.

Some may be interested to see the process of creating a launcher website design, for these people I will attach my sources and intermediate variants in the process.

Thanks for watching!
IT company website + free download


IT company website + free download

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