Uncover the Color
United Colors of Benetton: Savannah
This was SCAD's first QEP (or collaborative learning) class. Students from a variety of majors (graphic design, service design, interior design, fashion marketing, architecture, etc) were put into groups to create a flagship Benetton store in a designated location in Savannah that upheld its core values. Because our video is much too large for this, I've uploaded my major contribution to my group: the media.

Our group developed a plan to mix old and new- the old historic Savannah with the innovative and daring United Colors of Benetton. Our plan was executed through company research, customer journeys, service blueprints, store layout, in-store and outdoor promotional advertising. It was turned into a 3D model and video, which was exhibited in a local Savannah gallery space from May through June of 2010.

Uncover the Color reflects the discovery nature of our store. Through a series of outdoor, print, and direct mail advertisements, as well as utilizing the technology of augmented reality with smart phones, the campaign allowed consumers to discover special deals, discounts, and the Benetton store itself before ever stepping foot in it.

I will try to upload the interior design video soon to show how discovery is taken to the next level, as is our concept of old and new, in our Benetton store.

Below reflects the logo/graphic I developed as part of the scavenger hunt. The barcode appears throughout the advertising and in the store. When found in the city, one simply holds up a smart phone, takes a picture of it, and is sent a special coupon/discount to be used in the store.
Web promotions appear through facebook and email.
Direct mail- These barcodes are sent in a Benetton logo green envelope, with instructions to hold the barcode image up to your webcam. Upon doing so, the viewer can see some of the latest fashion that is currently in Benetton stores.
The "uncover" idea is also used inside the store to promote the bistro, named the Color Palate.