Each curator of cool introduces that The Nothing’s Too Hot For Hunter’s Competition is coming soon and that they are busy putting together the hottest curation of the coolest things on earth.
Lulama Wolf, DJ Doowap & Priddy Ugly
Each influencer launched with video revealing some of his/her hottest prizes.
DJ Doowap Launch Prizes: 
MacbookPro | Shelflife Voucher | B&O Play Headphones | Oakley Sunglasses | Bedoo & Hairdoo
Priddy Ugly Launch Prizes: 
Latest Playstation & Controllers + FIFA game | Off-White Vouchers | Be Priddy Ugly
Lulama Wolf Launch Prizes: 
Shopping Spree | Cultural Experience | Spa Day | Lulama's Camera | Sunglass Hut Vouchers
Curators will build momentum in their second week with surprise drops of even hotter personalised, bespoke prizes.
1st Drops: 
NIKEiD Voucher  |   Tyre Lettering  |  Visual Journal
2nd Drops:
VIP Festival Tickets  |  Home Studio  |  Freedom of Movement Bag Collaboration
DJ Doowap: NIKEiD Drop Video
Priddy Ugly: Home Studio Drop Video
Lulama Wolf: Visual Journal Drop Video
To make these prizes more tangible, we've added another layer where consumers can click through to an augmented reality (AR) experience on Facebook. The consumer is able to browse prizes within the curator’s AR world. Each prize has a fun blurb bubble, a message form the curator as to why they selected the prize and what makes it special, and a CTA to enter. Consumers then exit the AR world and comment with the name of the prize that they would like to win in the comments section of the post.
Facebook Augmented Reality Experience
Nothing's Too Hot For Hunter's Digital Campaign