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FLOAT:Non-Straw Glass Cup For Bubble Tea

Industrial Design

FLOAT is made of environmentally-friendly recycled glass provided by Spring Pool Glass, which reduces the environmental pollution.

Enjoy fresh hand-made drink without burdening the environment.

Thanks for your support, we just finished the crowdfunding project in Taiwan in 2019, and will be on the market soon! 
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Patent Number.  M584644

吳 天瑜 Mikey Wu / 史  芳 Fang Shih

吳 孝儒 Pili Wu

Product Cooperation:
春池玻璃實業有限公司 Spring Pool Glass

Oni Lai Studio

Video Assistants:
鄭 中安 Annie Chang / 周  擎 Ching Chou / 賀 律銘 Luming Ho
FLOAT:Non-Straw Glass Cup For Bubble Tea

FLOAT:Non-Straw Glass Cup For Bubble Tea

Bubble tea is an unique street drink culture in Taiwan; however, a handful freshness each day brings a billion of disposable plastic cups and pla Read More