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The Queen Rania Foundation Logo Competition

The Queen Rania Foundation Logo
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Option one:
"The power of education lies not in the pages of textbooks, or the recital of facts and figures. It resides in the mind of a child who is taught how to think. How to learn. How to navigate the world, avoid whirlpools, climb mountains."

The inspiration for this logo came from that quote, resembling it through a relationship between teacher (green) and a student (pink). A conversation (blue) is happening, where the bubble can be seen as a speech bubble or a thinking bubble. We customized this icon specifically for The Queen Rania Foundation, so not only does the shape form that relationship, it also uses the initials of the foundation (QRF) to portray it. The idea of learning how to think is interactive, where the viewer interacts with the logo to be able to see the two ideas in it (the characters & the initials). 
Colors bring this logo to life. Business cards would have different colors, each business card holder has the option to choose their favorite color. This idea emphasizes the meaning of the logo more, where people are given the choice to think and choose, rather than memorize and having things enforced upon them. All the other items work the same way, where people choose which color mug, note pad, files... they want. 

The logo can become an icon for a social network, where events, chat rooms, discussions, solutions and conversation take place. By doing this, it will become easier for people to interact about this issue globally, it will reach everyone from decision makers to educators and students and parents, to media and corporations to the mass public. People become connected, all working and thinking about one cause; education, making it their priority. 
Option two:
"Education is the best long-term solution to alleviate poverty, disease, climate change, and conflict." 

This logo uses a universal correcting tool that teachers use when a word or letter needs to be removed. We want this logo to take action and symbolise alleviating negative aspects of our world, that can be fixed through a more educated population. The best way to alleviate those negative things was to use an educational symbol to remove them. The logo in itself works as a symbol to propose the problem and solve it.

The symbol is also very optimistic, promising change as it looks like a bird that is flying upwards. Therefore, it is an optimistic approach as it gives a result by removing the negative, putting the positive to the forefront (as you can clearly see through the advertisments).
The body copy reads: A Country cant progress without educated citizens, a region cant prosper without good schools.Help us eliminate the lack of education for a brighter future. www.queenraniafoundation.org
The Queen Rania Foundation Logo Competition

The Queen Rania Foundation Logo Competition

The Queen Rania Foundation Competition designed by abnodesigns who were selected from over 850 submissions internationally.