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    last room
Last Room

Year 2044. Tony and Celine had married 6 months ago. Honeymoon had been spent avant-gardous. They had locked themselves in home - two persons entirely cut off from everything, existing only for each other. 30 days designated only for making love. After a month they turned on the TV. Every channel broadcoasted the same words, looped message, identical images, again and again. A virus unknown to humankind before, made it to the atmosphere and polluted the air. Warning systems worked properly and most of Earth inhabitants managed to move to the Mars, what gave them a slight chance to live in the new environment. Tony and Celine were forgotten. They have enough food supplies, even their skin will wrinkle from senescence before the last can is gone. The air in their house is clean, not contaminated by the virus. Lonely, separated from the solitary planet, they live, day by day. They live, in this isolation, between claustrophobical space of their home and certain death there, where they would be free.
Here they are.

stylist, hair & make up  - Karolina Jassek
costume designer - Małgorzata Skorupa
models - Kamila Nowak, Kamil Kuć

Project was made in the best Warsaw night club - UBU.

Special thanks to Paulina Rutkowska