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Artworks Compilation 2019
On this page I publish my recent projects since 2019. Different clients, different tasks but in my own style. I get inspiration from music and all emotions I turn into these music artworks. During the year new artworks will appear on this page.

To the Moon
Dark and mystery project for The First Station and his single "To the Moon" by John McAfee. When I listened demo, I was inspired by deep and atmospheric sound. I designed a space cover with moon and astronaut in space. I tried to turn my emotions from song on this cover. Unfortunately, this song has not released yet, but I hope that we can hear this great song soon.

Red romantic work for russian performer AEDEE. "Airliner" is about love and broken heart. I used red color and roses to create some romantic and sexual atmosphere like AEDEE's chill track.

In Your Dreams
Incredible visualization for Sayn Kira and his new debute EP "In Your Dreams". He wanted something special, not like most of pop songs covers, he wanted something that looks like a true art. No problem, it's my specialization! And in the end we have this interesting dark and artistic cover.

I have a great experience with a belarussian singer Anjelika Pushnova and her new single "Neon". In Russian it means not only "neon", that also means "not him". I used this pun of words and designed a man portrait with neon colors. These elements describe russian pun of words and convey the atmosphere of song.

One more visualization for Sayn Kira and his debute signle "Secret". I know that he likes red colors and red is a main color of Sayn's personalization. We wanted to show purity and simplicity of this cover. I used aggressive photo of metal snakes, because it's associated with hard electronic sounds in Sayn Kira's track "Secret".

T h a n k s  f o r  w a t c h i n g !

Artworks Compilation 2019