IPB Student Mobile and MyITS - A UX Evaluative Study
Feature Comparison of IPB Student Mobile with MyITS Through Competitive Analysis - a UX Evaluative Study
Working Preview
Role: UX Researcher
Timespan: 1 week
Method: Competitive Analysis

This competitive analysis is to identify the functions of IPB Student Mobile that can be improved for its future development. This study will also identify the advantages and the disadvantages of IPB Student Mobile, as well as the advantages that can be followed from the competitor, and the disadvantages that can be learned from competitor (i.e. MyITS).

Limitations of Research
This research limits on the selection of IPB Student Mobile competitors, and selected competitors will use the same platform and service. The service chosen is an academic administration services for students using a mobile application on Android or iOS. 

The selected competitor, MyITS, is an indirect competitor because it has a different domicile (IPB Student Mobile for IPB students; MyITS for ITS students) but both provides administrative services on a mobile platform for students.

1. Determine the criteria that will be compared. Here I will compare the availability and functionality of the features, the comparison of commonalities between features, and the overall user reviews.

2. Find students from outside of IPB who also have and often use the same app from the campus. To avoid worries when a student is asked, it's better to find the students from outside of IPB who already know me well.

3. Ask if they can use Email or Chats if it is not possible to meet in person.

4. Because it does not seem ethical to ask the username and the password to access the service, I asked for a free time to screenshot all these features. If there are personal information on these screenshots, the user is allowed to censor the information.

5. After getting the screenshot, ask if there are features that have not functioned optimally and ask for a screenshot of the feature when an error occurs.

6. To see commonalities between the two apps (IPB Student Mobile and MyITS), select the features that are available and are functioning well in both applications. Notice the comparison in terms of navigation, content, and visuals based on screenshots provided.

7. To see overall user reviews, visit the app store and note the rating and keywords of the overall review.

Task Checklist
The figure below is a checklist of feature availability (from both apps) and the functionality of the feature. The table spaces are colored so that the pattern is clear.
From the checklist above, IPB Student Mobile has fewer features than MyITS, but for this time all features in IPB Student Mobile are responsive and work well. MyITS has more features but not all features function properly and even some error occurs when using some of these features.

Commonalities on Both Apps
These features are now compared because these functions exist in both applications and they function properly in both apps. Here's a comparison in terms of navigation, content and visuals.​​​​​​​
From the result above, it's easy to navigate on both applications. But the difference is seen in the vision and the content. IPB Student Mobile has more variety in terms of visuals, but MyITS has visuals that tend to be more neat. Also, the content presented tends to be more complete in MyITS, but for the future development of IPB Student Mobile, sometimes there is no need to add certain content. For example, there is no need to add a short profile to "Academik" on IPB Student Mobile like the short profile on "Beranda" in MyITS.

User Reviews
The following is the aggregate value of the user reviews found on Google Playstore and key words in user reviews to see how user are satisfied when using the apps and to see what their complaints are.

These two applications have got different spectrum on Google Playstore. With an aggregate value of 4.8 on IPB Student Mobile, the average users seemed to be very satisfied with the services provided by the application, with positive responses such as user-friendliness, light storage, useful and "very helpful for students". The are several negative responses but they tend to be in the old version of the app.

Meanwhile, with an aggregate value of 4.1 on MyITS, users assume that the application is "good" and "easy for students", but there are various types of complaints, especially when there were some maintenance on the FRS day. Other complaints include "there are still bugs", "heavy for the network", "difficult to sign in / sign out", etc.

The features available at IPB Student Mobile may not be as complete as those in MyITS, including their visual content and neatness, but all the features from IPB Student Mobile can function properly and user satisfaction is generally higher than MyITS. 

For the sake of user's satisfaction, we suggest that further development of the app should be carefully tested before all features of the application will be released, and it's better to upgrade the features gradually rather than just putting all of the features (either functioning or not) on the display at once.
IPB Student Mobile and MyITS - A UX Evaluative Study

IPB Student Mobile and MyITS - A UX Evaluative Study


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