• Huronia

    Designer: Ross Mills
    Released on: March 2013
    Scripts: amerindian, latin
  • Huronia, designed by Ross Mills, is a text face with flavour, suitable for recording oral literature and for extended reading in books and academic texts. We are sure it would shine in woodcrafting magazines too.
    Besides being a fully-equipped Latin font with expert features (small caps, various figure sets, superiors, fractions), Huronia takes up the challenge to support all native languages of Americas. Alongside Latin-based orthographies, it provides for the first time a level of typographic sophistication that gives Canadian syllabics equal footing with the Latin, with full attention paid to truly harmonising the bold and italic styles between scripts. It is of special linguistic significance in helping preserve the written languages of endangered native American cultures that are under-equipped in the digital age.
    Currently, the Latin Pro and Inuktitut versions are available, and we will be releasing the polytonic Greek, extended Latin, Cherokee and more in due course.

    More info at: http://www.rosettatype.com/Huronia