The Meeting
Google wanted to communicate to spenders the advantages of adding YouTube to the usual TV media plan.
So we decided to invite Marketing Directors to a virtual meeting at which they can easily partecipate from their own office. 
A mini web series in 5 episodes that depicts what happens during a meeting held to decide the media plan of a brand through an ironic parody off clichè situations. Thanks to the possibility to interact with the videos, the audience becomes active part of the meeting and is invited to pick the best solution to solve these unlikely briefs. Exactly the kind of choices that the target is asked to make in real life .
Case Movie
The Meeting - Case Movie
The Meeting - Ep. 1 - Dogbrello
The Meeting - Ep. 2 - ToupéBaby
The Meeting - Ep. 3 - The Fur-Dunkin'
The Meeting - Ep. 4 - The Q-Jumper
The Meeting - Ep. 5 - The Sleep Stand

Cliente: Google 
Prodotto: YouTube 
Head of Marketing: Alessandro Antiga 
Head of LAAM - Italia: Vincenzo Tortora 
Head of YouTube and LAAM - Spagna: Manuel Roman Canton 
Agenzia: TBWA\Italia 
Titolo campagna: The Meeting - Design the future of your Brand with YouTube 
Direttori Creativi Esecutivi: Francesco Guerrera, Nicola Lampugnani 
Creatives: Matteo Grandese, Mattia Montanari 

Account Director: Benedetta Melli 
Account Executive: Sara Piovano 
Direttore Creativo Digital: Michele La Fiandra 
Senior Art Director Digital: Luca Sala 
Junior Art Director Digital: Ugo Galelli 
Flash Designer: Chiara Villotta 
Web Developer: Riccardo Sallusti 
Project Manager Digital Department: Sara Novellino 
Industrial Strange - production management 
Producer: Federico Fornasari 
Casa di Produzione Video: BRW Usa
Executive producer: Gianfilippo Pedrotti 
Line producer: Ari Weiner 
Regia: Bigger Bang 
Dop: Micheal Pescasio 
Editor: Andrea Jako Giacomini 
ScreenWriter: Louis Waymouth 
PostProduction: Monkey Talkie 
Executive producer: Fabio Iaculli, Matteo Masserani, Igor De Luigi 
Doppiaggio: Peperoncino studio 
Executive producer: Luciano Ripamonti 
direttore del doppiaggio: Daniela Fava 
Casa di Produzione Fotografica: First Floor Under 
Fotografo: Francesco Guerrera 
Industrial Strange - stampa 
Design Studio: Dadomani Creative Studio 
Designer: Francesco De Meo, Carlo Paolillo
Aired on May 2012
YouTube / The Meeting

YouTube / The Meeting

The Brief Communicate to spenders the advantages of adding youtube to the usual TV media plan. These advantages, are to be translated in marketin Read More

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