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    Beer plays a big role in South African culture. It has become a key element in social gatherings all over the country. There are markets, festiva… Read More
    Beer plays a big role in South African culture. It has become a key element in social gatherings all over the country. There are markets, festivals and routes devoted primarily to craft beer. With this Corporate Identity I hope to have translated the essence of mirco breweries and make people excited about this growing phenomenon. I believe that over the past few years it has formed a great part of the Captonian culture and therefore I want this CI to embody the young and innovative culture which has attracted so many foreigners to Cape Town. The name KRAFT is taken from the widely known phenomenon of craft beer. The ‘K’ replacing the ‘C’ gives the brand its own unique and intreging identity. The K also adds a modern and design-like quality to the name and therefore embodies the innovative and cultural quality that the hotel embraces. I’ve decided to go for a very bold design style. In my logo I have tried to embody the idea of a hotel and beer by using a very organic, liquid-like shape combined with a contrasting rigid shape. The rigid shape echoes the ‘A’ in KRAFT which is the letter of stability in the name- as it is exactly in the middle, I hope by echoing the ‘A’ I am enforcing a sence of stability and strength in my brand. The thick brushstrokes which are used as a graphic element throughout KRAFT’s CI communicates a bold-like quality as well as serves as a reminder of the appreciation and encouragment of craft (beer, design, art etc.) within the brand. The choice of charcoal, white and lemon yellow as my colour pallete also contributes to the boldness by creating strong contrasts which are, when required, softened by the use of opacity. The chosen colour palette also represents ‘innovation’ and ‘comfort’, two characteristics which KRAFT strives to create for its customers. I hoped to communicate a contemporary and modern design through the combination of photography and the hand painted/drawn graphic elements. The three additional elements: the coasters, bottle opener and beer journal all contribute to the appreciation of beer that KRAFT embodies as well as the specialised character of the hotel. These ‘gifts’ add a sense of self indugence to the atmosphere of the hotel. Read Less

Kraft is a hotel and brewery situated along the Beer Route in Cape Town. Kraft encourages the appreciation of microbreweries around South Africa by offering a tour explaining the beer-making process as well as a tasting of their own Kraft Beer (brewed on premisis) as well as some other artisan beers from around South Africa. The hotel itself embodies the young, innovative spirit of the city of Cape Town. Below is their corporate stationary as well as some promotional items: Firstly, a beer book wherein one can document the different samples of beer collected along the route. It also includes a map of all the microbreweries found int he Western Cape. Secondly a stainless steel bottle opener with the hotel logo, and lastly a set of beer coasters.