Papayas Pineapples and the Apocalypse #1 - Fanzine
"Papayas Pineapples and the Apocalypse" is the "Ossi di Peppia" fanzine     
printed in October 2017, is the 2 of 5 issues that will be released in the next years. 

The zine is made of 17 illustrations by 17 different authors, inspired by a committed tweet, randomly chosen
from the "Magic Realism Bot" on Twitter.
This Bot is been generating short crazy stories, uninterruptedly, for 7 years now.

Cover by SantaMatita
Illustration by Andrea Opretti

- In Marrakech there is a lobster which is reading Agatha Christie's 
murder of Roger Ackroyd-
Laura Guglielmo
-Nudity is finally moving out of home-
Clarissa Corradin
-An astronaut invents a new kind of Astrology 
based on the movement of mosquitoes-
-A cocktail waitress discovers a steam-powered devide which 
allows her to communicate with woolly mammoths-
Vittoria Macioci
-A social media manager suddenly appears in the bell tower of Notre Dame in 1502.
She starts to cry-
Massimiliano Marzucco - I'm a teenager
-An evil fashion stylist falls in love with procrastination-
Davide Bart Salvemini
-A sailor becomes rich by selling feminism-
Claudia Plescia
-Pure evil is celebrating its birthday-
Gabriele Pino

-A 14-year-old busboy falls in love with Steve Wozniak-
Ramona Bruno

-A king invents a better version of war: getting high-
Albhey Longo
-You're imprisoned in a diamond for the crime of stealing disappointment-
Andrea dalla Barba

-A sociologist switches bodies with a vampire-
Daniele Mariti
-By concentrating very hard on a porcelain doll, 
a Danish senator is able to turn into a bear-
Stefania Manzi
-A Marxist discovers that Mozart does not exist. and is driven insane-
Susanna Rumiz
-A Vietnamese tv station airs a show about hipster beards 
that continues for 102 billion years-
Andrea Opretti

-A grandmother is aroused bt the thought of labirinths-
Roberto D'Agnano
-A rose whispers to a duchess: "I feel so drunk"-
Sara Virginia
Papayas Pineapples and the Apocalypse #1 - Fanzine

Papayas Pineapples and the Apocalypse #1 - Fanzine

"Papayas Pineapples and the Apocalypse" is a fanzine that hosts 17 illustrators and their interpretation of 17 crazy stories generated by the "Ma Read More