Booking Sport Facilities with APSO - a UX Case Study

In sports, a team needs to train in a facility, which could be anywhere. But there are also locations where, when the team arrive, the facility is being used by other people. So eventually they have to wait for a while or they do not need to practice at all. By implementing the APSO application (short for Aplikasi Pemesanan Sarana Olahraga) hopefully this can reduce those difficulties for the sportsmen.

APSO is intended to be an alternative platform for booking sports facilities by using a mobile app, making it easier for sportsmen to carry out activities and routines in training and exercise. This app also provide team integration so that all members of the team can contribute to the booking.​​​​​​​

Role: UX Designer and Researcher
Timespan: 1 week
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Sound Recorder
Methods: Background research, In-depth Interview, Prototyping

1. Interview 3 people that are suitable to become the expected users of the application. From the result of the interview, determine what are their reactions using an empathy map.

2. Using the customer's journey map, decide what would the user hopefully do when using the application. Try to adapt it with the current behavior of the users every time they book on sport facilities.

3. Determine the limitations (including the software requirement and what kind of users would we expect) and the main functions of the app.

3. Make a prototype of the app along with the user flow based on the prototype.

Summary of the sportsmen's reaction toward current situation described using Empathy Map:
What we expect on how the sportsmen use the app, with step-by-step explanation, using Customer's Journey Map:
Limitations of the App:
This app can be used by anyone who is interested in sports. Users can also join teams or add members to their team.

There is at least 1 administrator at each location. Administrators have the right to accept bookings by users, to provide a chat before accepting orders for negotiations, and to reject bookings with certain conditions (for example, the team is late to the location without notice and there is another team who wants to use it).

This application can be used on iOS or Android mobile platform with active Internet and GPS. Input and output devices are in the form of the touchscreen from the gadgets.
Main Functions of the App
a. Log in / Sign Up (left below)
Users can log in using Facebook or with an APSO app account. Here the users can also Sign Up if they don't have an account.

b. Dashboard (right below)
Here the users can find out about the upcoming sports sessions based on what they have added to the Add Event feature. Additional features including time, date and location will make it easier for users to adjust with the upcoming events.

c. Facilities (left below)
All sports facilities listed in the APSO app can be displayed here with the map feature. Users can search for 'facility locations' or 'sports' with the search feature. When the location of the facility has been selected, the feature will show the location name, location pictures, location address, the type of sports facility, and the rating by the users.

d. Add Event (right below)
Users can choose a session by choosing the type of sport, the location of the facility, and the preferred date. If available, the user will choose the time and the field. The user also can choose to subscribe the facility and to determine the frequency of their use (for example: every week on Friday). After that the user is asked to confirm the order, displayed with the booking fee.
e. Chats (left below)
As the app can also be integrated with the user's team, this feature allows to have any discussions in the team (on teams section) or with their colleagues in sports (on friends section). Here the administrators of sports facilities can chat users / teams for further negotiations (on admins section)

f. Account (right below)
Here are the Email, the mobile number, and the QR Code of the user (which can be useful for adding friends or inviting users to a team). Users can also edit profiles including profile photos and passwords. Users can also log out from this page.

Booking Sport Facilities with APSO - a UX Case Study

Booking Sport Facilities with APSO - a UX Case Study



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