House no. 7
place: Kharkiv, Ukraine
function: family house
area: 200 m2
status: preliminary design​​​​​​​ (2019)
team: Evgeniy Kolesnikov, Ievgen Nevmyvaka
The house is located in a completely new cottage village and so far has no
neighbors, so we provided visual protection from all sides. The main facade
of the building has a rather hospitable system, represented by a small
platform on which there is a backlit bench.
The central hall is the core axis that unites all the indoor premises. The 
overhead opening invites daylight into the house. Open “summer rooms” are 
extensions to indoor living premises, creating seamless united spaces, 
visually impenetrable for the neighbors. The summer extension of the living 
room includes a swimming pool, a lounge, a barbecue place and a 
sunbathing zone.​​​​​​​
House no. 7