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    Building a beat-box encyclopedia.
I have been examining the concept of Beat-boxing. The exploration of voice and vocals is something that I’ve been keen to investigate from a very early age. As a singer and beat-boxer myself, I have quite a dexterous starting point. I feel that researching Beat-boxing and vocals would both help me to improve my skills whilst learning about ways of regenerating the urban music genre of Beat-boxing itself.
I've been building visual scores by filming myself beat-boxing, slowing down the video and capturing each individual frame and mouth shape.

The purpose of these scores is to enable other beatboxers to replicate drumbeats or sounds that I've made. An idea that is similar to the concept of writing music on manuscript paper.
This is an example of a beat that I created after investigating african beatboxing. All sounds have been made with my voice.
This is an example of my beat-boxing using a loop pedal. All sounds have been made with my voice.