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Folkhaus Beer Series


FOLKHAUS is a fictional craft brewery that wants to create a community space for beer enthusiasts to learn, drink, and share their love of the brew. For their grand opening FOLKHAUS is launching a limited edition series called “The Ale Tales” which tells stories from the prohibition era that have been elaborated on and skewed, as the stories get told late into the night under inebriated circumstances.

The challenge was to develop a logo and a beer series based on an established business plan. For my interpretation, I used the prohibition era as inspiration. The logo is a direct reference to speakeasies - which were also known at the time as blind pigs. Speakeasies were places where the most daring lovers of beer met in secret to get a taste - a type of love and dedication shared by FOLKHAUS.

The series focuses on three mysterious characters who are never named and are loosely based on real people and events that took place. The labels were created using images found from public photography archives that were manipulated to hide their identity. A custom carrier was created to support the series visually and functionally. It was designed to hold the bottles but not reveal them until the carrier is opened.

Folkhaus Beer Series