Her persistence was the story. Her tenacity, perseverance and a fearless heart, that of faith and conviction, were the chapters. The courageous queen of Thebes reigned as a sole ruler, and was the final pharaoh of the 19th Dynasty. She rose up bringing back the glory of her ancestors, traversing her vast kingdom from darkness to the light.

She ruled at the time of the famous battle of Troy. Her divine femininity was neither a weapon, nor was it a weakness; it was but a simple truth. Her legendary tale was carved in the chronicles of the ancient history. it is the tale of Twosret.

It was extremely rare for a woman to rule in the Ancient Pharaonic civilization, only a handful reigned during the 4,000 years the civilization lasted. Twosret was one of the few queens who ruled Egypt as Pharaoh Unlike Nefertiti, who was the queen consort of the Pharaoh Akhenaten. 

I am very excited to be sharing with you my latest personal project, It was a great adventure from the very early stages of dreaming about the rough concept till the realization of it. Through this adventure a handful of amazing talents shared my dream, passion and helped me to make it happen, there is a lot of hard work, effort and love went into creating a custom tailored aesthetics that defines the concept and makes the experience more believable etc.... i am extremely grateful for these amazing collaborators whom without i wouldn't have been able to complete this project. 

Starring - Zayneb Azzam
Music by - Iz Svemira 
Sound design - Odiseja Studio
Director of photography - Muhammed Ibrahim 
1st AC - Ahmed Thabet 
Photography - Nelly ELsharkawy
Make up - Model - Kiki Ismail
Technical director - Ahmed Aref
FX - Mohamed Saleh
Jewelry design - Reem Hamdi
Artists - Mohamed Abuyhia, Moustafa Tarek
Costume - Mohamed Assad
Title design - Tarek Abdelkawi
Directed/Concept/Design/Animation/Rendering/compositing - Karim Moussa
Production manager - Khaled Nojara
Produced by - Mozses

3dmax,vray, Itoo Forest pack, substance painter, Fume fx, Adobe Photoshop, Aftereffects, Premiere.





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