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Throwing Shade.
Scenes From Saturday’s Warby Parker Bus Party.
By Heather Abbott on Monday January 14 2013 at 2:51 PM
Although the Warby Parker bus tour will be traveling around Dallas throughout pretty much the entire month of January and slinging its brand’s vintage-inspired eyewear to the masses (check out the bus’ full schedule at the end of this post), it was stationed in one solid spot on Saturday night. House of Plates helped welcome the bus to town with an event at The Old Bike Shop, the custom-building bike service shop and museum in West Dallas.
The space was large and packed, the lighting was perfectly low, the two open bars were bustling, and the amazing (and free) edibles provided by Bolsa were all the rage. Crowds ambled about the room for which the bus served as the centerpiece, parked inside and on the main floor for warm and easy access. There was more entertainment, too; at one end of the room, Smile Smile took to a small stage and played all night.
To top off the interesting environment, the party was also themed: The Outsiders was the theme, and party-goers did not disappoint in their dress-up. No, there weren’t many soc’s at the party (only a few cardigans and sports jackets were seen); there were mostly greasers and, in general, others dressed in spiffy vintage-inspired duds. This crowd was dressed to the nines, full of leather jackets, denim, and, of course, some excellent specs.
The party did not last long, running from 7 to about 10 p.m., but it was just long enough for crowds to enjoy as a Saturday night pregame. Shortly after 10, Smile Smile played their last song and the crowd thinned out. At that point, the bars had run out of ice (and whiskey), and the food had been devoured. But no one complained; it was a good night filled with greatness from all angles.
A good few prescriptions were even filled and people seemed practically overjoyed to be getting swanky glasses they could actually afford.