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Eight years ago I was diagnosed with lactose intolerance. As a result I had to say goodbye to all of those sweets I loved the most. 
As the years have passed I’ve gone through several phases; I had been careless, sufferer and now I’m more like in a „problem solver” attitude. I’m a fanatic sweet consumer, I didn’t want to get used to the fact that I was unable to taste similar products than before. 
After many attempts in the kitchen and many rubber-taste sponge cakes the recipes were becoming better and better and, slowly, they were evolving to be good enough to save them. It also turned out that there is a gluten intolerant, a vegetarian, a vegan and someone who avoids refined sugars in my group of friends and that made me wondering what could be the best solution to avoid those embarrassing birthdays when some of us had to skip some of the meals.

This was behind the idea of this book. It includes vegan recipes, but some of them are gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free and sugar-free. 
It was important to keep them simple and cheap and create the feeling that anyone (a student or a grandma) can follow them. I was more focused on catchiness instead of being „Gucci”, we can easily bake or cook them at any time, the illustrated content helps us to feel free to pass the time in the kitchen.

By skipping out photographs my aim is to give the readers go-as-you-please liberty that they are not obligated to compare the desserts they made to perfectly adjusted pictures and aspire perfection at all. The black and white inner pages make the illustrations strong and bold wich are also drawn in a geometric and puritan style to confirm the clear and articulate style of the recipes. The size of the book refers to the old pocket books, its appearance is small, personal, functional, it fits everywhere.

​​​​​​​40 big recipe illustrations
more than 80 pictograms and additional illustrations

PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral
Silver foil stamping and embossing

144 pages
1 color print

Manofa Type Family • Mariya Vasiljevna Pigoulevskaya
IBM Plex Sans • Mike Abbink x Bold Monday

+ spice
My best recipes inside ❤️

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Author • Kata Moravszki                                                                                   SPECIAL THANKS     

Editor • Andrea Illés                                                                                          Photos • Krisztián Lakosi L² WEB

Reviser • Vivien Mikes                                                                                          Ring • Dóra rea kövér  instagram

Professional proofreader • Zsófi Sziráki​​​​​​​

Graphic design & Illustrations • Kata Moravszki

Publisher • SCOLAR

Press • central dabasi nyomda zrt.

isbn • 978  963  244  977  7

Vegán finomságok

Vegán finomságok

My own vegan cook book, which is included my favourite 40 desserts.