• In a sui generis relay race, every night, the classrooms of a Primary School in Elefsina, Athens give way to the Evening High School which accommodates students from the whole region of West Attica. These students are called on to complete their studies in Secondary Education, quite often in advanced age, but also in a roomage, that of a Primary School, which comes with different functional priorities.

    The major purpose of the present artwork is the creation of representations that depict heterotopias and time lags within the educational process. The photographic recording extends on two parallel axes which are intersected by distinct students / subjects. On the one hand, the subjects are part of a space that was not chosen by them nor they belong to, but at the same time they are bound to embrace it and to create within it. On the other hand, their distinct features as students emphasise the time lag of the educational process and produces a special visual relievo rilievo sculpted by their personal background and experience.

    The hurdles of the shooting surmounted considerably the limits of technique and they could be placed in a context of moral and emotional insecureness. The frame of mutual appreciation that was structured throughout two consecutive years by means of the twofold role of the photographer / math teacher led to the creation and hence to the presentation of this actual artwork, rendering eventually feasible the preservation of its realistic and moral substance.