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Invention of translucent, rot-proof wood. it stronger and more fire-resistant lumber.
30 thousand tons of wool are produced every year in Uruguay.
1/3 of secondary school students take digital classes.

42% of the French people who do combat sports (boxing, body combat, krav maga, MMA) are women.
102 hours spent by Los Angeles drivers in traffic jams in 2017.
Architectures of memory. The idea of altering existing buildings in no new phenomenon. 

the amount of Internet subscription market in Europe is 350 billion euros.
Engineers are stepping up their efforts to unearth the nugget that can power an engine for hours, then be recharged in just a few minutes.
450 hours of video are downloaded every minute on the YouTube website.

28% of streets in Britain do not have a number 13, another superstition.
500 million neurons in an octopus, as many as in a dog’s brain.
In Rotterdam, Europe’s largest port, a floating farm will offer a haven on the waves for cattle.
Fresh water is scarcity. Greater reuse of recycled water is inevitable.
The prize money provided by Epic Games for Fornite is 100 million dollars. 
​​​​​​​48% of people in Italy have tattoos.

150 km underground lies the equivalent of 4 million tons of (inaccessible) diamonds, in areas of the Earth’s crust called cratons.
System called "Cloud"
73,000 years. It is age of the oldest drawing done by a Homo Sapiens, found on a stone in a South African cave.

50% of new guitarists are young women, according to examination by Fender in 2018.
5th most widely spoken language in the world is French, after Chinese, English, Spanish and Arabic.
The hotel industry is significantly diversifying its activities, just as concierge services and corporate seminar opportunities are. 

Ocean currents carrie the litter. Litters are collected in the center of that circul ocean currents . This natural collection process have given inspirarion to engineers.
1st leading music market (physical and digital media) in terms of sales is USA.
French companies are received a CES innovation award in the “Smart Vehicles and Self-driving Technologies” at CES 2019.

3.5 billion people traditionally eat with their fingers, 3.3 with cutlery and 2.1 with chopsticks.
317,000 billion dollars. This is total global wealth in 2018.
Software combined with the database makes the decision alone.
in China, Ant Financial enables millions of small businesses to borrow up to $ 4,000 in seconds.No one is involved in the processing of these loan requests.
In United States, before making a verdict, the judge uses software to assess the risk of impersonation as a suspect.

Air France mag

Air France mag

illustration for the Air France mag client : Air France


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