“Once you see the rest of France you’ll never go back to Paris”, a vintage travel ad reads. 

We took a mental road trip from the City of Lights to the countryside for inspiration 
to design the branding and interior of Café Marcel, a casual all-day French restaurant. 
We saw family-owned inns along the way. Friendly (um, friendlier) locals. Travel brochures. 
Road signs. Pool daze. Breakfast in bed. Sunny side up. Sunglasses.

The larger characters on the end create an implied ribbon, a nod to road sign designs.

It's an egg, get it?
Plate and pan t-shirts for service staff and kitchen staff, respectively.

Shapes, colors, textures of a sunny excursions inform the interior.

Rays of light.

 Glass basin + pinhole light = pool reflections.

Custom planter lights.

​​​​​​​Interior Designers: Gift, Hoang, Thu
Brand Designers: Thao, Duc, Ivy 
Producers: Nhung, Jane 
Account: Phuong Anh 
Creative Director: Tuan Le 

Photographer: Thuy Truc, Nhan Phan
Cafe Marcel