MARS Conference 2019 - Motion Design

MARS 2019

MARS is a yearly event hosted by Jeff Bezos. MARS brings together innovative minds in Machine learning, Automation, Robotics, and Space to share new ideas across these rapidly advancing domains.

The team was tasked with creating a background loop animation as well as animated introduction speaker cards for the event. Our goal was to create visuals that would cause curiosity and stimulate the viewer. The visuals nonetheless needed to stay subtle and not steal the attention of attendees engaged in conversation.

Below are two different versions of video that were shown during the conference as well as our process from concept to the day of the event.

Day version
Inspired by the visuals found within the Retro-Futurism art movement of the ‘50s and ‘60s, this direction centers around abstract architecture in a desert environment. Camera moves drift us along the surface of multi-colored structures to create a series of hypnotic tableau set beneath dusty blue skies. “Up in the Skies” encourages viewers to look upward into a bright and sunny future.

Still Frames

Night Version
In previous years, we had only created a day version, but then made a single frame for night, or an abbreviated version for night. This year, we decided to make a full version of the video for night. We got approval to exaggerate the colored lights and work outside of the MARS color palette, which allowed us to really push our lighting design. We found that with moody lighting and dark skies, the same structures looked even better. This second version of the video was shown during evening talks and events, which centered around science fiction. We wanted our lighting design to reflect the sci-fi vibe a bit.

Still Frames

Name Card
Typography + Structure

Mood board
Unused concept frames
Tress + Clouds

Unused concept 1
Smooth block formations shift above an elemental glow, emanating from the chambers beneath. The pieces gradually slide and fall into place with satisfying perfection, activating the MARS letterforms.

Kinetic Desert
Unused concept 2
Simple machine-sculptures are motivated by the forces of the desert; wind, sun, and potentially water will reveal the MARS letterforms that make up the structures.

Perpetual Evolution
Unused concept 3
This concept features angular forms that are slowly drifting, rotating and interacting with each other alongside pulsing, organic shapes. The structure appears to be slowly evolving and modifying itself, but it is constantly in motion, never coming to rest.

Transformation Perspective
Unused concept 4
This concept uses close up shots of the MARS letterforms as the environment. The letterforms are made of materials and shapes inspired by the Parker Hotel, where the conference was held.

Cinema4D + Octane Render

Trees + Clouds
Forester + VDB Clouds

These are photos of stages where we played our video.

Group Creative Director: Brian Loehr
Creative Direction: David Viau
Visual Direction: Andrew Nam
Title Design: Andrew Nam

Thank you!

MARS Conference 2019 - Motion Design
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Andrew Nam