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As a tele-health startup, Sehat Kahani delivers quality healthcare to those in need through its online platform. As is the case with most startups, their initial website was a bootstrapped effort put out in a hurry. The all female led startup was quickly able to prove its mettle and raise funding to take their initiative to the next level. They approached Grocode to overhaul their online presence with a new and improved website to showcase their work.

The old website failed to do justice to the cutting edge tele-health industry the startup was on a mission to disrupt. Laden with architectural flaws and outdated aesthetics, the home page relied on an image slider with rotating images that lacked any proper call to action buttons.

The website navigation was all over the place with too many pages and a lot of unnecessary information. Yet, there was nothing that explained what the company itself does or the range of its services. Another major flaw was the fact that the old website was not mobile responsive. It was too heavy on the JavaScript and too low on navigation options.
With the new website, we aimed to give Sehat Kahani a modern, sleek and clean look. Carefully thought out landing pages along with more on-point content ensured the website conveyed the relevant messaging in an aesthetically appealing manner. After an improved top navigation, the carousel is dropped in exchange for a smart, professional and inspiring illustration — and more organic shapes — highlighting the impact they have created so far  with bold fonts and call to actions.
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Project Brief:

The task was set to make a complete redesign of Sehat Kahani's website. The Main brief was to get rid of the old website and create a new website from scratch which should depict Sehat Kahani as a company and not an NGO.

The main shortcomings were:

It did not convey company's message
It was a very generic template based website
The sitemap was not well thought out
The content on the website and its display was below par
The load time was high because of extra code and heavy images
UI/UX Design:
The process started from restructuring the sitemap with the Sehat Kahani team and develop new wireframes. The idea was to make a clean and crisp website with less content and use of illustrations instead of photographs which makes the clean looking website colorful and not boring.

To grab the eye of the visitor, we used modern-looking, clean, organic shapes and colorful illustrations which encourage users to click on the CTA.

Overall, the redesign is a huge success from a UX perspective. A lighter, more modern look accompanied by cleaner navigation, clearer value proposition and good use of color.
Why we used Custom Illustrations:
The term “illustration” origins for the Latin “illustrare” which means “to light up, illuminate and explain”. An illustration may either serve as a supplement to the text or fully replace it. A series of illustrations is a kind of small story told by means of visuals. It has to be clear and transfer the needed message properly.

Illustrations are memorable and catchy, so they work well in growing brand awareness and recognizability

Comparing to text, images have a tendency to stick better in long-term memory. The impact grows when the images are informative, designed according to the target audience expectations and in consistency with a general stylistic concept of the layout. This makes illustrations highly effective in making a UI design recognizable and supports the website or mobile app branding. That is one of the reasons why we created original digital illustrations presenting the features and benefits of the healthcare service connecting nurses and patients.

The task to the designer was to create the illustrations in which characters will reflect the nature of the service, the overall idea and the benefits it brings to improve life for both nurses and patients through telemedicine.

Use of illustrations is a hot UI design trend these days, the trend of custom graphics has opened the wider perspective of storytelling in the interfaces. More and more websites and mobile apps turn to specially designed characters showing the story, setting the atmosphere, sending the message or presenting the benefits in a way that corresponds to the mood, tone, and voice of the platform. Original characters help to make the interactions more human-like, set strong visual associations with the real world and instantly transfer the needed mood. What’s more, depending on the composition, the characters may become an effective tool to make the page or screen dynamic and lively. That was the case for the Sehat Kahani website — check out the illustration we made live on their website.
Web Development:

We used Wordpress as a CMS. We smartly used Advanced Custom Field plugin to develop a page builder which will help Sehat Kahani team to easily create new pages and use existing modules to display illustrations with text and CTA or Video as well as Impact numbers on any fold of any page. This approach will help to maintain the website look and feel throughout and without making it look like a blog or template based website.

Website UX design trends are evolving. Usage of carousel in hero banners is now an outdated trend and many new websites choose to avoid it. Big, bold images, graphics and even video make a much better impression on the user. Small animations are increasingly being used to add a cheerful note to a page.
UI/UX design
Frontend Development
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