Kamiel, the insomniac
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    A series of photographs of a man that can not sleep and dwells through the night. Getting into the most spectacular of adventures.
Studio Edelweiss

An insomniac's voyage through the sleeplessness of night.
This work is made by Mich Van Den Berghe and myself. Together we are Edelweiss. It was especially made for a belgian magazine called Goedele. They have a section of the magazine that is called insomnia, it talks about nightlife and such. These pictures are the title images for this section of the magazine. Kamiel is a man who can't sleep at night. He tosses and turns in his bed until he just can't stand it no more. He rolls out of bed and plunges into the adventurous realm of nightly activity. Every month we follow him and give you an insight of the strange dwellings of this authentic belgian hero. You can see our other work on www.studio-edelweiss.be.