Cultural Exchange Magazine Illustrations
Cultural Exchange Magazine Illustrations

This is for an article about perceptions, influences and impacts of German(ness) in the world...
To illustrate this rather complex topic they picked a bunch of German words that have made it into different foreign languages not necessarily a literal visual translation of the words (thank god) but rather with a little twist.  Fun gig.
The Magazine is called "Kulturaustausch" (Cultural Exchange) and is published by the Institute of Foreign Relations in Germany.
I'll mention what the words are (and what they mean) under the images...

The cover is Bildungsroman. Literally means "educational novel". Used to describe a novel where the protagonist grows from child to adult, growing psychologically and morally...
"Fingerspitzengefuehl".  Literally, the feeling in your fingertips (in German it's the points of your fingers instead of the tips) used to describe the ability to handle tricky situations delicately.
"Blitzkrieg". The meaning of that I guess is pretty clear...
"Gullydeckel". Means manhole cover. Not much more to it...
"Heimatlos". Used to describe someone without a home country or community.
"Lebenslust". Means "lust for life".
"Liebhabervilla". Literally, "a villa for lovers". Often used by brokers for a piece of property that has, umh, lots of "charm"...
"Neurose". Means, well, "neurosis".
"Schiebedach". Means "sun roof".
"Schwalbe". Literally means "swallow". As in, the bird. Used to describe a soccer player taking a dive in the box to coax a penalty kick.
"Sitzfleisch". Literally means "the meat you sit on". Used to describe the ability to sit out (or stick with) any kind of situation. A persistance of sorts.
"Streber". Someone who strives for, pursues something vigorously. Used to describe an overachieving teacher's pet, the little twat you hated in 6th in adult life, too.
"Waldsterben". Means "the dying of the forests". A popular term during the years when acid rain was the main cause for forests to die – now used for all kinds of causes.
"Weltanschauung". Ah, love me some words with two u's. Means "One's view of the world".
"Zickzack". Means "zig zag". Also means very fast. Or "chop, chop".