Yuanyang, Yunnan, China. On the edges.
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    Thanks to Jacky for is Hospitality. Frank, Chris and David "Manmanzuo 慢慢做 !"
Yuanyang, Rice terraces.
Yunnan, Honghe, Hani and Yi minorities distric.
China 2013
On the edges...
For my first solo since 3 years i decided to visit Yuanyang.
it's only 450km from where i live but it took me two days by an old jingaling road.

Yuanyang is one of the most beautiful place in china.
This is where people, shaped, designed or sculpted the land to grow rice in the Mountain.
They are mostly Hani and Yi minorities.
It was a real pleasure to be there and a fantastic discovery.
But it's also a really hard place for a photographer.
I couldn't imagine how difficult it will be, physically and technically to get things done.
The weather and the light change every minutes and every days are long days.
You start early finish late.
I really learned what slowness is used for.
There is no way i could walk on the edges of the fields and look at the landscape at the same time.
A chinese expression says "man man zuo" - 慢慢做- meaning "slowly do". It's a way to say "have a good day" or "be safe".
Here, this expression make sense more than anywhere else.