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God is a Woman


A lot of what we know about the Bible is a lot of picking and choosing, how many people have actually read the book in which their faith and life believes are based on? And here I quote Penn Jilette: When you read about Abraham being willing to kill his son, when you you read the hostility towards homosexuals, towards women, the celebration of slavery, when you read that “thou shall not kill”, means only in context of your own tribe, when you see a God that’s jealous and insecure, when you see that there’s contradictions that show that it was clearly written hundreds of years after the supposed fact.” Doesn’t it at least make you wonder? Why did they pick a men? Why couldn’t it be a women? Why is it caucasian?

You don’t have to be brave or a saint, a martyr, or even very smart to be an atheist or an agnostic. All you have to say is “I don’t know”.

20:1: (M.Magdalene) “The original pretty woman. She would be so popular 
these days”
41:10 “Only she can judge you ” 
30:56 [Money] Source of power they said, “In God we Trust” 
12:54 (Nudity) “Shame on you” 
© Angonzalezr Photography

Photography / Art Direction: Andres Gonzalez and Julieta Nuñez
Models: Gabriela Risso / Carolina 
Hair & Makeup: Tatiana Rojas
Location: Miami, FL.
God is a Woman