Pop-Up Book project for my Photography Workshop class which is a mixed media class.

The book is titled "Wake Up Mr. West". It is about the major music influence that Kanye West has made to not only hip-hop itself, but to the world. I picked songs and albums that I thought best describe Kanye as an artist and that stood out to me most in his career thus far.

I first started with a quote from his song "Through The Wire". The song is about when West got into a car accident and had to get his jaw wired shut. The opening pages of the book quotes the song, "In the blink of an eye, his whole life changed." This lyric really stuck with me because this song started everything. All of a sudden, West was the new hottest thing in hip-hop after the song's release. I remember seeing the music video for Through The Wire back when MTV still played music when I was only 10 years old. For me, that's when I fell in love with West's music.

I went on to highlight the major movements West has created in hip-hop. Individually, I think each of his albums really sticks out as some of the best albums ever made. Specifically the album "808's and Heartbreaks" which I illustrated through the page "Heartless", is said to have changed hip-hop and brought on a whole new movement. Many hip-hop and rap artists still draw influence from the style that West rapped, sang, and produced in this album. Such artists as Drake, Kid Cudi, The Weeknd, and Frank Ocean have looked at West as inspiration to their music.

I looked a lot at West's album's artwork. I tried to use the same color schemes that he uses often in the album artwork and music videos.
All the illustrations were done by me and most of the photos were shot by me.

Thank you to my friend Devante for modeling.