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Nike Global Master Trainer Marie Purvis

Teaser: Marie Purvis Nike Global Master Trainer in Sri Lanka promoting the Pure Programme for women at the High Octane Gym.

Nike Global Master Trainer Marie Purvis - Xperience

Encompassing a wide portfolio of both grassroots athletes as well as the epitome of elite athletes in their  respective sports disciplines. Marie Purvis has made a name for herself as a premier trainer well respected by sportsmen and women the world over. Her tailored approach to fitness and how fitness affects the body, mind and approach has penetrated through to athletes at every level.

Nike Global Master Trainer Marie Purvis - Pure Programme

The Pure Programme, garnered to the specific tastes and requirements of women, allows the potential of every female to shine through whether they may be an athlete or home maker. Regardless of their profession and or age, The Marie Purvis PURE programme, educates women from across the globe in knowing what it takes to get fit and how they benefit from it; all while being more confident, comfortable in their own skin and being more accepting of their body types.

Role: Head of Design

With physical fitness becoming increasingly popular in today’s society across all demographics, for young and old individuals, irrespective of age or gender, the gym has become a second home for a vast portion of today’s population. Unfortunately, due to the lack of exposure in the country, unmaintained facilities have started to spring up in and around the city where the customers’ fitness isn’t always the end goal of the business.

There was an urgent need for qualified fitness trainers in Sri Lanka. If proper exercise procedures aren’t observed, the possibilities of sustaining severe injuries become all too real. There was a clear gap in the knowledge of physical fitness and health, and therefore needed to be addressed to move forward.

Marie Purvis, known for her creative workouts, is a Nike Global Master Trainer with over 7 years worth of experience at Nike USA. She is considered to be one of the world’s most elite fitness trainers. The High Octane Gym hosted Ms. Purvis in Colombo for a special women’s programme called “Pure Programme” was devised with the aim to motivate women of all ages in the Sri Lankan community to adapt fitness into their everyday lifestyles for their own growth and benefit.

The ‘Pure Programme’ classes were an instant success, and targeted the working women in Colombo as well as a wide range of female workout enthusiasts. It was a full body functional, movement class where time was spent mentoring new trainers on fitness techniques, designing workouts and educating members. The videos and posts shared on social media gave viewers an insight to the workout sessions and sparked a wave of interest amongst Sri Lanka’s female demographic.

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Nike Global Master Trainer Marie Purvis

Nike Global Master Trainer Marie Purvis

Nike Women Master Trainer Marie Purvis in Sri Lanka promoting the Pure Programme for women at the High Octane Gym