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Space company website + free download

Short story
Our modern life is very closely linked with the Internet, but even today, when human progress has reached its peak, 4 billion people still do not have access to the Internet.
Engine testing
Launcher in the near future is going to solve this global problem. Launcher was founded in New York, in March 2017 by Max Haot, an Internet entrepreneur who created the video streaming company Livestream. Haot sold Livestream to Vimeo last year and now focused exclusively on launching the Launcher from scratch.
The aim of Launcher is to create a series of small rockets capable of sending SpaceX and OneWeb Internet satellites to earth orbit for a relatively small price. Launcher hopes to reduce the cost of a single launch to less than $ 10 million. For comparison, the launch of Falcon 9 costs 62 million dollars.
The concept

It was decided to make a design that can fully convey the revolutionary and progressive of the Launcher.
There were many different options, in the end I came to a simple and clear "tile" design, to a simple and contrasting black color. The simpler the better. I have simplified the site as much as possible, removing all unnecessary elements, and horizontal scrolling highlights the site harms others.

Some may be interested to see the process of creating a launcher website design, for these people I will attach my sources and intermediate variants in the process.

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Space company website + free download


Space company website + free download