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    As part of digital service roll-out impactasia implemented internal digital and social media strategy to ensure the company is well-versed in uti… Read More
    As part of digital service roll-out impactasia implemented internal digital and social media strategy to ensure the company is well-versed in utilizing the tools to generate inbound links. Read Less
impactasia PR Agency Digital Service
Internal Social Media + Digital Strategy Roll-out
impactasia was launching their digital service to the team, as a part of the strategy the company needs to be well versed in using various digital platforms and social media friendly.

Challenge: Social media industry was booming and PR agencies are catching up on how to utilize social media to create direct communications or as influence channels as another medium aside from the typical media. But with so many competition, numerous social media options and the ever evolving technology.

Solutions: find a niche market for entry and create that unique service by building convincing portfolio, show what we can do and start from the company itself. With this the pioneering digital team (consisting of 3 team members, yes myself included) started experimenting and building various social media channels, strategies, partnerships, etc.

This project includes:
The company Twitter followers and following were optimized, growing following from 50 to 300 in a 3-month period. Currently the account has more than 640+ followers.
We screen further, building news feed of our interesting topics of PR, media, happenings in the cities we are in, social media and digital trends into our twitter feeds.
The results overall was amazing, the company's twitter account continue to grow tremendously over the past 3-months.
Of course, we didn't focus purely on followers growth as that is rather easy. We also measured our Klout or influence score. Since strategy set and direction of our Twitter account, The company twitter account gained more audience that were influenced by tweets, we get more retweets, listed, among others.
Above is the Klout score growth within 3-4 month time, we took our time to stabilize and grow meaningful conversations.
We optimize each members profile, included their specialty and brand they specialize in to increase professional credibility, as well as establish inbound leads.
We also built in our full PR services into our Linkedin company profile and will be collecting client recommendations on impactasia.
Facebook fans have grown by nearly 50% since the content calendar was put in place and also built in RSS feeds.
we also utilized RSS feed, import into Facebook Notes, Digg and Delicious to bookmark each blog to further aggregate the content.
Although the company launched their 'flashy' website earlier the year, but the site lacks CMS and thus making it extremely difficult and costly to update each time. Under this I proposed a site revamped that includes a built-in Content Management System and a cleaner web URL layout.

The team page was significantly upgraded. Not only we highlight the personality of our diver team members, but we include Linkedin profile links for our clients to learn more about each members credibility. This also includes maximizing the new Linkedin Companies beta, adding the full PR services the company can provide, testimonials from clients and others.
We keep track on our website scores, improving our page titles, meta description and inbound links. Improved the basic of getting more bookmark feeds on Digg or Delicious, as well as aggregating our blog contents to other channels. The score went up by 4 points with these little adjustments.
The impactasia website blog went live in October 2010, helping to improve our website’s overall search-ability and the company’s positioning as a thought leader within the region.
The key website upgrade also includes back-end CMS instant editing system by Turtle Media, as well as control of each page webpage title and meta content description.
I also tweaked a bit the website page title, meta description and body content within the site to ensure keywords consitency. The results were surprising, upon search on Google, the keywords "PR Agency in Beijing or Shangai" will bring up the company website on the first page results. While "PR Agency in Hong Kong or Singapore" will bring up the site on page 2 of Google search. Which is pretty impressive considering the company didn't have an SEO Agency.
For the keywords of "PR Agency in Beijing" the company website result came up on the first page and interestingly it was above Ogilvy.
For the keywords of "PR Agency in Singapore" the company website result came up on the first page and interestingly it was above Lewis PR.