Time Capsule - Future

Time Capsule - Future

"Time Capsule - Future" is an editorial project designed by students for students. It is a research made with the intention of creating a clear list of opportunities and information, important for the future of each student. The list concerns the choice of continuation in the course of studies and the other possibilities to enrich oneself in the graphic field. Includes: biennials, masters, summer schools and festivals regarding the graphics in its various forms. The idea is to create an archive that can be handed down and constantly updated, in which we have inserted a series of documents containing useful information for students' orientation. The indications contained are organized by chapters, divided between Italy and abroad through a visual code given by the chromatic division of the pages. Each page is a card independent from the others that presents information on the front and the photographs of the institute on the back. For each type of board we have defined a grid system, on an acetate sheet, that will serves to future students to update the Time Capsule. Also, the choice of the opening o-rings binding is to facilitate the task.

Progettazione grafica e coordinamento progetto:
Susanna Lupi, Maddalena Zanella

Michelangelo Greco

Ricerca e impaginazione:
Rachele Bozzato, Giulia Cennamo, Laura Fantini, Sara Galici, Giulia Garoni, Luca Mantovani, Giulia Mazzali, Erika Serafini, Federico Trevisan

Assegnazione e supervisione progetto
Prof.ssa Erica Preli
€€€ Studio

Time Capsule - Future
Multiple Owners
Susanna Lupi