Flamel MD
Brand Identity, Packaging

minimalist has developed a brand identity and created package designs for a newly launched cosmetic brand Flamel MD.

Flamel MD is originated and inspired from French alchemist Nicholas Flamel. Flamel MD was able to make its own 'Alche-medic' solution available to the skin solution.
By using Nicolas Flamel’s historical period as our motif, we have devised a Gothic font that symbolizes the medieval times of the 14th century while also capturing our identity.
The brand identity is devised by using a round flask to symbolize alchemist’s research and by using three solutions originating from the meaning of the moon. It symbolizes the brand’s birth from the vigor of alchemists and Flamel. 

Creative Direction / Design: Wonchan Lee
Artwork / Design: Ohyun Kwon
Project Planning / Managing:  Hyun Jin Lim / Woo Jae Lim / So Young Kim / Ka Yeon Lee of IT'S HANBUL
Photography: Han Jeong Hoon of H.Factory
Flamel MD Brand Identity and Packaging