With the advent of smartphones and tablets, the eCommerce industry has witnessed a progressive growth in recent years. Customers have become more fascinated to shop using mobiles or tablets with a few clicks rather than physically visiting a store or accessing computers.

You need not get appalled when the leading companies are switching over to build m-commerce route for their ecommerce store to attract more customers. However, Magento is one of the most widely used platforms to build a mobile app for your ecommerce store in both Android and iOS.

What makes Magento more special in the ecommerce industry

Magento is an acclaimed ecommerce PHP based platform which can take your business a notch higher since it supports mobile apps too.

                 "Merchants who are using Magento are growing 3x times faster on an average"

Magento can create astounding mobile apps for diverse platforms, and ensure that they reproduce your ecommerce store with the fullest perfection.

                                 "Magento powers almost 1.2% of the total internet."

Magento also caters a wide range of plugins extensions to convert your Magento store into a mobile app.
                        "Magento is the second most popular ecommerce platform globally"

Catalog management is an amazing feature provided by Magento CMS that allows unified management of all the product catalog across the countries.

                          "202 Magento users are placed in the internet retailer top 1000 list"

Now that you are familiar with why Magento is considered to create a mobile app on Android and iOS. Let us now excavate deep to know more about Zielcart- a readymade solution to build your Magento mobile app.

       Build a customized Magento mobile app wit Zielcart

Zielcart's Magento mobile app is a readymade mobile commerce solution that facilitates you to make your mobile commerce apps in both Android & iOS platforms. Zielcarts Magento mobile app bestows with great UX, supreme security & compatibility on your chosen ecommerce platform. Ziel Cart's Magento custom mobile app extension guides you to build the app you imagined which eases the shopping experience for even no technical person.

 Zielcarts builtin features:

Add more products and categories:

Zielcart Magento mobile app allows you to contain a number of products which can easily sync directly with your web store. This scalability will attract the customers by having more options to choose a product and eventually make them land to your check out page and enhances your ROI.

Integrate many online stores:

You can integrate any numbers of online stores while creating your Zielcart Magento mobile app. This way, you can create, manage and control many online stores with a single admin.

Multi Shipping & multi-Payment Methods

As far as any ecommerce store is concerned, the customers are spread across globally. To make your customers happy, multiple payment methods is mandatory to ease the checkout process without any hassle. Customers can experience a  tranquil shipping process in Zielcarts Magento mobile app.

Multiple Languages & Currencies

To make your business globalization smoother, Zielcart renders its customers to communicate with their local language. It also allows its users to pay with their preferred currencies like INR, USD, Euro, etc to grab more customers along their side and increase their revenue.

Deep Linking:

Zielcarts this feature permits you to send the right message to the right user at the right time. This feature will never let your consumers divert without purchasing the product they are viewing in your Magento ecommerce app. They might have reached you in any medium, but this amazing feature will notify them about the products they have viewed previously and make them land to the product page ultimately. It makes sure that no users deviate from the page they had eyed in in your Magento store.


It is an exciting feature of Zielcart which makes your customers shop with you sooner or later. To keep hold of your customers, this option paves the way to save the product they wished for which is directly synced to the Magento web store. The entire theme is to not let leave your customer's empty hand and to heighten the sales percentile.

Push Notification:

You can make your customers more appealing by sending notifications like deals, offers, discounts and thereby increase the sale percentile. With theZielcarts  Magento mobile app builder, you can even automate the notifications to the customers based on their area of curiosity in shopping.

Social media Integration:

In the era of social networking, log in through social media account has contemporarily in trend. This reduces the time taken to fill in personal details and also Social media integration with the Magento mobile app aids the people across the globe aware of your store. A customer can be given an opportunity to share a product he likes to his associates through the social network. In this way, many people worldwide will be aware of your store, new products, promotions, etc.

30% of online customers admit that they would be likely to make a purchase from a social media network like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or Snapchat.

Fast cart Management:

Zielcart Magento mobile app platform permits the customers to fulfill the order with just a few information from their checkout page by just choosing the shipping address and payment gateway. This simple cart management has shown a drastic increase in sale ratio.

Uncompromising browsing speed:

Zielcarts Magento native mobile app builder facilities to build an ecommerce app's browsing speed quicker and pull your customers to the checkout page within a few seconds.

App Analytics dashboard:

The dashboard is intended to empower marketers and the business person to make strategic decisions about their m-commerce performance. With this dashboard, you can come to know what are the improvements you need in your Magento mobile app, which made a subtle ROI over a specified time, etc. This feature is purely dedicated for analysis purpose of your business.

Integration of Google Analytics:

Google analytics integration with your Magento mobile app lets you understand the number of users in your app, their past characteristics, and their location. it also helps to measure what actions your customers are taking. They tend to customize reports which are specific to your business.

Reviews and Ratings:

63% of customers are more likely to shop from a site if it has a feature known as product ratings and reviews.

67% of the consumers read at least 6 reviews or less before they trust a business enough to make a purchase.

79% of consumers trust product reviews as a personal recommendation.

From the above statistics, it's obvious that ratings and review is a very essential feature which is to be ingrained in an online ecommerce store to obtain customers trustworthiness.

Reach us to create your robust Magento mobile app with Zielcart:

I hope this article has given you some insights about the Magento mobile app and what the Zielcarts Magento mobile app solution offers you. The above-mentioned features are just an inbuilt one. You can also integrate more APIs and technologies into your Magento mobile solutions simply with Zielcart. Our Zielcart mobility solution is powerful in rendering you with a highly customizable UX/UI designs using Magento mobile app for your ecommerce store. Your application can be completely customizable to fit into your business requisites. You can add more to your Magento mobile app by discussing with our technical experts. Connect us to know more about our services, time factor, and the budget.



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