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    An satirical design to turn written research undertaken for my final year major project, into a visual and interactive piece.
Doctor Rivers Box is a critical design to point at and bring to light the research undertaken on the dangers associated with labelling mental health conditions, within society. Although some people may find it comforting to finally find a name for their condition, there are many doctors who agree that diagnosing a specific name can sometimes do more harm than good. This can include being stigmatised against, being wrongly diagnosed, a feeling of identity loss, and people expecting you to behave stereotypically due to ignorance. 
This box has an old aesthetic because 'labelling' should be a thing of the past. Inside, it contains various folders, and each includes a new identity card, stereotype handbook, and a letter to help explain the new dangers of diagnosis. For many years, there has been research into the money making business of the DSM, which is the bible for mental health conditions, listing every mental disorder, from OCD to Road Rage. 
Where do we draw the line in differentiating ordinary behaviour and 'mentally ill'? When do we stop 'labelling' people as 'disordered'?