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    several painting in 2008 winter
All of those painting I have done by hand, with several decorative techniques for a Creative course which is one of the best course in my memory on campus, a course with experimental.
Many thanks to My Teacher Jingyu Chen, a really creative gentleman and with passion on education.
The first one is inspired by a special nation in Cambodia, In traditional, the woman should put the gold circle on neck, the more gold on neck the more respect from others.
For the blue batik texture part, I have crumpled the paper and put it in blue water, then can be the batik texture, which is also famous on cloth art in China.
We are encouraged by Mr.Chen to create some painting mix with different material, the seedpod of the Lotus, the texture is created by Lithopone mixes with glue , which is widely used in interior decoration on the white wall.
This one is inspired by Mexican rock art, the texture around the image are made by Lithopone, and the white image is spilled the powder on glue with shape.
Acrylic painting on a cloth. inspired by mask drawing which is a precious traditional art in China.
The time we arrange this course is really really cold winter, we stay all the night at our cold classroom to finish our works, the best entertainment is a radio machine, really nice to us to insist on the painting, The last drawing is for the radio, the eye like a owl and as well our sleepy eyes...name it"the flowing of time",also the name of a channel we favorite.

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