Teenagers and young adults love to remember their night clubs as a glamorous, bass thumping, frivolous night that they let loose and have  a  lot of fun with their bottles of alcohol stacked into a bucket of ice and they were the 'coolest' in the club/ But the reality of it all is that scene is just part half of the night, what these youngsters choose to forget is the hours of spins and puking sessions on the side-walks and trudging their passes out friends back home and losing things in the meantime.
From our visual research and surveys we’ve come to realize that as one consumes more alcohol, their natural behaviour and body language almost resembles a caveman who has lesser intelligence and motor functions.
This regressive behaviour is what our team has chosen to put light on. We aim to expose this negative social embarrassing aspect onto our focus group.
We wanted to take a humorous twist on this and call such heavy alcoholic drinkers ‘Boozers’.
A Boozer is known to be a colloquial term used for a person who drinks far too much in social occasions.
The idea is to centralize our marketing strategy around the concept of Boozers taking over the city and subtly highlighting the negative embarrassing end game of a Boozers night when he/she ends up passed out cold in his own vomit by a sidewalk and thus subsequently dissuading social drinkers to curb their binge drinking.