Christmas Campaign 2012
As every Christmas, the agency had to create a campaign for the holidays, and Nestlé has these characters called Nesbies, that were created some time ago for this purpose. 
So, the challenge this time was the low budget we had to manage for this campaign. 
We decide to put our minds into an idea to make brand awareness and to sell our products in a way the customers can remember the sweet side of Nestlé. 
Our Idea was to create a beautiful packaging for our products in order we can make our customers to want collect them all and to think about the brand all the time.
So, I took our Nesbies, and made them be the packaging, because, they were funny and lovely enough to be our face in this holiday. They would make our customers wanting collect them all.
My first concept sketch for the packaging. We create the Nesbies cube, to make them easy to store in the supermarkets.
I wanted the cubes to be unfolded in a way the product will appeared in the center. This Idea was dismissed because of the time of production they would take.
The final Layout and illustrations of the cubes.
A 3D view of our Nesbie Cube.
A group view of the actual Nesbie Cubes. They were a success in the Market and people really loved them.
So, after this, we needed to create the Symbol of our campaign. 
My idea was simple. To make a ribbon for the title and the logo with a christmas hat with a little touch of our Nesbies. It take a little time thinking it but it worked perfectly.
3D modeling of the ribbon.
And then We create a full Key Visual for the campaign with elements to represent the Joy and Familiar union about the Holidays and our Nesbies.
Concept Sketch for the Key Visual. For a photo production.
Process of Photo Manipulation I made to the Key Visual.
Photo by Diego Cadavid
Photo without manipulation
Colorized. I replaced the real cube with a 3D one with the cap open.
Some Magic and Our Nesbie.
Final Stage of the key Visual