Originally developed from a creative partnership with the BMW design department, our London team collaborated intensively with Alessandra Kila to realize her vision in pure CGI. 

"For this project I have imagined a series of site-specific art installations that experiment with the materiality of light and with the emotional effects of luminosity. Within the journey from one installation to another, the BMW 7 is incorporated in these installations, becoming itself a light sculpture." – Alessandra Kila.

We interpreted the artist's idea of a beaming light curtain in CGI. Virtual elements of flares and dust particles, mixed with photographic layers of neon tubes and illuminated screens, create a tangible atmosphere for this innovative worldwide launch campaign.

Our London studio came up with a custom process to speed up the lighting simulation for ultimate creative flexibility. See more fascinating details on our blog.
Client: BMW
Creative Supervision BMW: Florian Hartmann
Creative Direction BMW Group Design: Julia Obermeyer
Concept & Art Direction: Alessandra Kila
CGI Artists: Kristian Turner, Carlos Pecino, Anna Toropova / Recom Farmhouse
Post Artists: Pepê Alram, Kate Brown, Riikka Eiro, Maria Luisa Calosso / Recom Farmhouse
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BMW 7 Series – Full CGI with Alessandra Kila