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Poster exhibition / Posterrorism 2019
Posterrorism 2019
International Poster Competition
Subject: The Impact of Social and Economical Terrorism on the Life of Children, Families and Communities
Jury members: Faldin Alexander (Russia), Lex Drewinski (Poland), Andrew Lewis (Canada), 
Scott Laserow (USA), Onish Aminelahi (Iran), Naser Nasiri (Iran), Hossein Mohammadi Vahidi (Iran)

Namseoul University Art Center Gallery Iang
90-18, Hyehwadong, Jongnogu, Seoul, Korea
April 03 — April 15-2019
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Poster exhibition / Posterrorism 2019


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Poster exhibition / Posterrorism 2019

Every “word” consists of different meanings rather than their original one, which may be hidden in it, but carry the heavier meaning. The word “ Read More