我的名字是Emil Huseynzadeh,今年20岁。 我毕业于阿塞拜疆巴库市214号学校,现在就读于阿塞拜疆旅游管理大学和IMC Krems奥地利应用科学大学。
在过去的3到4年里,我主要从事视觉和当代艺术,视频制作和编辑、艺术、创作指导等方面的工作。我与当地和国际许多杂志有合作,如L'officiel Azerbaijan,Nakid Magazine ,以色列的FF杂志,Laview杂志等,时装部门(电子时装部)和电影制作,阿塞拜疆时装周和阿塞拜疆的梅赛德斯奔驰时装周,以及在不同的杂志和当地社交媒体上发表的作品,作为头条新闻、friday.az、 blogstar.az、 day.az等。

Emil Huseynzadeh

My name is Emil Huseynzadeh and I am 20 years old. I have graduated from the school number 214 in Baku city, Azerbaijan and currently studying in Azerbaijan Tourism and Management University and IMC Krems University of Applied Sciences of Austria.
After finishing the school I started to practice as the photographer and filmmaker. Last 3-4 years I am mostly trying myself in visual and contemporary arts, video production and editing, art coordination, creative direction etc. I have a number of collaborations with the local as well as international magazines as L'officiel Azerbaijan, Nakid Magazine, Israeli based FF magazine,  Laview magazine etc., fashion departments as (E Fashion Department) and filmmaking productions, with Azerbaijan Fashion week and Mercedez Benz Fashion Week in Azerbaijan as well as published works in different magazines and local social media as 1news, friday.az, blogstar.az, day.az etc.


我的艺术主要是具象型的作品,包含抽象的元素和象征的结合。 我倾向于超越日常世界,将主题融入我的画面,如精神方面和超现实的梦境。 我的灵感来自于美丽的神话和自然,我更喜欢使用有机和自然物体以及花卉,树木,动物和人类等物体,一些照片也是基于自画像。作为一个艺术家,我追求和谐,我努力观察生活中所有事物的美学价值。
这些图片表达了内在的、精神的和情感的过程。在这些过程中,大脑有意识地选择颜色,表面和形状,以创造出视觉上和谐的事物。 构图包含了可识别的、易腐烂的元素,同时暗示每个主题的更深层含义。

我的工作方法非常直观,以摄影作为媒介。 主题的拍摄往往没有一个特定的意图,照片将用于什么,但更多的是收集最终表达的作品的方式。 我擅长自学,在做一个新的图案之前,我将数字拆散,以创造一种绘画般的感觉。
Maria Natalie Skjeset

Visual artist working with photo-based digital graphic artwork, fine art photography and painting.
Member of The Norwegian Association of Fine Art Photographers.
My art is mainly figurative works containing elements of abstraction merged with symbolism. I tend to look beyond the everyday world for topics to blend into my pictures, like spiritual aspects and surreal dreamscapes. I am inspired by beauty, mythology and nature, and I prefer to work with organic and natural objects and subjects such as flowers, trees, animals and humans. Some of the pictures are also based on self portraits. As an artist I seek harmony, and I try to observe the aesthetic value of all things in life.
The pictures express inner, spiritual and emotional processes where the mind makes a conscious choice of colors, surfaces and shapes to create something visually harmonic. The composition contains recognizable, perishable elements, while hinting on a deeper meaning in each motif.
My working method is very intuitive where I use photography as a medium. The photographing of motifs often happens without a specific intention of what the photographs will be used for, but is more of a way to collect the pieces for the final expression. I use an autodidact technique where I'm digitally tearing the photographs apart before building up a new motif to create a painterly feel.
Jiusi Culture New Art Platform (JSCAP)-Part Five