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    Made at Universität Liechtenstein 2013
Section Model // Venice Vision 2073 // Student City // Model 1:50
This is the outcome of an assignment my studio was handed the winter semester of 2012. The assignment was picturing Venice 2073.
Not considering the rising waterlevels, but looking at the statistics about tourism, financial issues and change in the usage of buildings in Venice for the last 50-100 years. This was used to make a large report entitled "Venice 2073". Which was used as the background for studying Venice. Both in the past, present and in the future. This future report turned out to be rather dystopic. As most statistics show, Venice will be overrun by tourists, slowly forcing locals to flee and leaving the city in a state of being a theme park instead of a the metropolis it once was. Slowly decaying to something that's alive only during daytime and completely abandoned during night. Without any local life, all the charm and the authenticity vanishes. 
So my future plan for preventing this was to insert local life back into Venice in the form of students. Simply making Venice a gigantic campus city. This was to be presented in a large panorama drawing, presenting the theme throughout the whole city, showing my vision of students having their facilities and everyday life while coexisting with the millions of tourists that will still be visiting the city. 
And as a final product, we were to zoom in on one part of the panorama and build this in a 1:50 model made out of 200 sections in 0.8 mm thick cardboard. 
The building is a library with auditorium, study spaces and a cafe for both students and for public use. The idea was to make the building seem as the threshold between the tourists and the "local life". 
Panorama Drawing // Venice 2073 // Student City
Whole Panorama
Panorama details
Panorama detail
Using lasercutter to cut the 200 sections of cardboard
Gathering and assembling 
Small Exhibition at Universität Liechtenstein
All the models from my studio assembled - my model to the far right
Pictures from my presentation
Thanks for watching!