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SENSION: Dystopia Reimagined | Comic Book


The unreal is more powerful than the real. Nothing is as perfect as you can imagine it. It’s only intangible ideas, concepts, beliefs, fantasies that last. Stone crumbles. Wood rots. People, well, they die. But things as fragile as a thought, a dream, a legend, they can go on and on. If you can change the way people think, the way they see themselves, the way they see the world — you have a better understanding of yourself. That’s the only lasting thing you can create. At some point reality became a world with limits. In reality our imaginations and endless possibilities becomes trapped within these limits.

The first Phase ; Reality:
The state of not sleeping a powerless state with no ideal or goals

We are very selfish creatures. Maybe, we should be self-centered, because at the end; the world do revolve around us. We redefine the meaning of mere existence to create the physical environment. The city becomes an emotional machine. A machine created from elements that see, feel, and even reconfigure their own function in relation to our emotions/Humanity. Physical space is more than just the built environment, it’s also a part of our culture. It stands as a portrayal of how we see ourselves, as well as how we perceive the world. Spaces often become the characters of their own stories because, in its ideal state, architecture is, let us not forget, the result of fiction.

Architecture and humanity are an overlapping language

The second Phase ; Dream:
A series of thought images and sensations occurring in a person's mind during sleep. Dreams are affected by expressions of unconsciousness, past experience and daily experiences. And we enter deeper into the dream.

The third phase; Synchronization :
Dreams are synchronized through emotions, memories, and experience.

The fourth phase ; A dream in a dream:
Beyond the synchronization of dreams, they’re are deeper dreams. This stage the dream can influence reality.

The fifth phase ; Return to reality:
Reality after the deeper dream isn't quite the same before. Within a dream lost pieces of reality are pieced together and this becomes the new reality. This city is created to break the limits of reality and to bring the dreams into the real world.

SENSION: Dystopia Reimagined | Comic Book


SENSION: Dystopia Reimagined | Comic Book

A silent comic experimentation about the psychology of being in a city. Find the first chapter on Read More