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    Jewelry inspired by Surrealism and Cubism
I' ve always been fond of Miro's surrealist and childlike figures and let myself daydream while wandering around his dreamy world, where everything was possible! His works subject me to a sense of  complete freedom and joy, a sense that can only be compared with actually being a child! 

So, it comes as no surprise that in my experiments in jewelry design, I regularly use Miro's shapes as an inspirational reference. Well, I have never managed to let my thought that free but I think that this is a lifetime procedure which demands great effort!

Somehow, in the jewelry presented bellow, I think I' ve managed to create forms of my own, forms that float between a surrealist aspect (inspired by Miro's work) and a more "analytical" one (inspired by Picasso's work) Or at least, I 've tried to ;-) At  the same time I had in mind to create some elegant pieces of jewelry...
A. Woman Forms
"Yoga" - Silver Casted Earrings
"Iokasti" - enameled silver, white pearl, fthoriti, glass, onyx
B. Bird Forms
"Mrs Sparrow" - Bronze, pearl, glass, onyx, hematine, ceramic bearing
The story of this necklace is a rather funny one! My mother had cooked a rabbit for lunch... well, I couldn't actually eat that but I was observing its exquisite bones which formed a great variety of shapes and found particularly one that, as far as I can remember, seemed a lot like this! At first it seemed like a sparrow, but when I completed the synthesis of the necklace, it reminded me of an ugly, overdressed woman, walking full of pride... I can't actually explain why ... So, I named it Mrs Sparrow! It is one of my favourite pieces! 
"Parrot" - Forged Silver Earrings
"Freedom" - Silver Casted Ring
"Sparrow" - Forged copper , alpaca, ceramic bearing, hematite , coral