The Meditation Cabin is a perfect pit-stop for any person that takes part in active social and work life. This is a great choice for an instant getaway, and the best thing about it is the placement flexibility. Due to the characteristics of this particular project, you can locate it anywhere you need, or duplicate it. All the constructive parts are prefabricated elements that permit to assemble the cabin in the manufacturing building and transfer it to the chosen place, or whether to assemble it on the site directly.
The cubicle has a rectangle-shaped floor plan with the rounded edges, and the cabin itself is elongated up. The front facade consists of a panoramic window with the door, which permits to gazing on an exquisite view while sitting inside. This goes well hand-by-hand with the possibility to place the cabin anywhere you want, you can pick any view you find relaxing. A wooden interior supports a calm atmosphere. Another element that makes the cabin even cozier is the firewood stove. Functionally, it heats up the water and a cubicle, and aesthetically, the crackling firewood will add a nice touch to the meditative solitude. There’s also a place where you can store the firewood. The Meditation Cabin also uses rainwater for domestic purposes: thanks to the built-in container for precipitation water, you can use it in the washbasin on the kitchen. There are also a few shelves where you can store the non-perishable food.
To get to the recreational area, you need to get up the spiral staircase: it’s the free space where you can meditate, have a cup of tea, take a nap, have a rest, sleep or just enjoy the view from the window. There’s no separate bathroom in the cubicle, the toilet is planned as a small, standalone one-level building with a composting toilet. The building is energy-efficient because 80% of materials are environmentally-friendly and recyclable, the cabin also uses rainwater, and collects sunlight.
Silent Meditation Cabin