Lithograph 7: Forest Dreams
Lithograph 7: Forest Dreams
The whole Technique: sketch + tusche + scratching 

I wanted to break free from the usual imagery and explore the media freely. I had just discovered that I might have cancer, the reports were due in a weeks time, my core biopsy had just been done. I was a bit worried and not so much either, the forest featuring now even more strongly in my conscious and unconscious. 

I used the Korn Crayon no.4 to roughly draw and then sprinkled regular table salt in certain areas. Then I just layered the whole image with Tusche (benzene mixed with tusche block). My first etch came out jet black. 

The save: when in doubt, send in the acids
My professor and I liberally rubbed in really strong etch over the whole image as I frantically scratched out some details with a sharp dentist tool. Then we really patted it in the acid and by second etch I think we were ready.
When in doubt, run to the forest, hide in the forest, heal in the forest. Always, return to the forest. The last image is of the core biopsy, that had me sacred to the bones...and yes I discovered that yes, I do have cancer.
Forest Dreams

Always return to the forest, where the trees hear you, the birds sing to you.
Where the waters free you, where butterflies and moths lend you wings to soar.

There in the forest
...leaves are love letters to your soul
....colourful electric flashes are secrets not yet told
...Sun portals are for you  to leave your tears behind...

They call you: 

Come see us in the forest, we have missed you.
Printed on *Hahnemühle 300gms (etching board 2 watermarks)
5 editions only.
* The Hahnemühle cylinder mould made boards for artistic print techniques are produced in single sheets with 4 genuine deckled edges.* This heavy weight, supple board is ideal for all forms of intaglio and lithography applications. The board’s matt, smooth, life-like surface produces particularly effective prints
Lithograph 7: Forest Dreams