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Lucila´s Alfajores
Lucila began baking artisanal alfajores when she moved from Argentina to Chicago. The memory of the smell of the alfajores that her mother cooked in her childhood home, inspired her to start baking alfajores for her children in Chicago.

And the alfajores were so delicious that she continued baking alfajores for her friends and neighbors, and her neighbors´s neighbors. Word spread throughout Chicago, and finally Lucila´s Alfajores became a successful pastry business that sold alfajores throughout the whole country.

So Lucila realized that the identity she had made once, with her own hands was to "homemade" and it was time to think bigger. The main objetive was to tell her story with a more professional look and without losing the essence of an authors brand.

We rely mainly on the texture of the different ingredients she uses in the process such as grated coconut, cookies, and the consistency of dulce de leche, illustrating them and generating patterns. Always remembering the  origin of Lucila´s story: "taste love, share love" which became the strong concept of identity. Everything had to be intense and tempting. So a warm and strong palette was combined with a high impact typography, and a more than tempting photographic style where part of the elaboration process and the figure of Lucila can be seen.

All these elements summed up to a memorable logo and some Argentine hints make up a strong personality which reflects the imprint of the brand´s author.

Lucila grew up in the Argentine countryside, in a small town a few hours from Buenos Aires. Like almost all Argentine children, Lucila loved to eat alfajores, and dreamed of eating them all.

What are the "alfajores"? The Argentine alfajores are the result of gathering two cookies and putting a lot of dulce de leche in the middle. Nothing more delicious.

However, in the United States, nobody knew what an alfajor was, so it was not so simple to communicate this brand, not only end consumers had to be tempted but we also had to teach them when was the right moment to eat an alfajor.

Through the excuse of the "shared moment" we tried to satisfy the need for that sweet touch that we all need sometimes, being social networks the best means to convey this concept. An alfajor can be shared either with a good friend and a story to tell, or a good coffee on your own. No matter what time, it is always a good time to eat an alfajor.

––– Chicago, March 2019.

Lucila´s Alfajores