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Event design for personal transformation.
The theme was commitment to personal transformation. The speakers were John Legend and Adam Braun. The setting was downtown Omaha. Bringing together young professionals across many professions for a day to share in the stories of people activating the community and making change happen. The event design carried the theme through social media and collateral materials.
PROCESS NOTES: After a meeting with the manager of the Omaha YPs and the Summit Chair, their visioning document became the guiding direction for the overall design; The 2013 YP Summit will encourage our attendees to activate their social capital to influence change within our community. “Transformation: Commitment Is Where It Begins”
Having just a couple years ago left a cushy agency job to pursue the maddening yet rewarding life of an independent desiger, it's a concept I can easily relate to. And there's many people I know who this idea applies to; forging unique paths to do what they love. People who have made the commitment and are working extremely hard to make things happen in their own ways.
For me, this sentiment is captured in two words: BEGIN NOW. After you've done your thinking, you've weighed the pros and cons, the knot in your stomach is becoming more common and the release down that unknown path just needs to happen. 
A couple sketches around the concept; focused on the proclamation, the metaphor, that turning point, and we were ready to move ahead.
DESIGN NOTES:  Described as "a ball of stored potential inside all of us that's ready to be unleashed once we commit to our own transformation", the identity was carried through using that scribbly ball, markeresque typefaces, bright colors, more scribbles and paper textures in a gritty, DIY aesthetic.
We worked the metaphor with a variety of symbols including rockets, lightning bolts, turbulent tides, waving battle flags, walking that tightrope, and so on. Not really polished, seemingly urgent, by your own hand. Pick up a marker and scribble your own scene, then get out the door and get to it.
Sidenote: When the rocket series was posted on Facebook, the Summit Chair asked me what the black stuff at the bottom was. I responded that it was rocket exhaust after the launch. He could see that, though his first thought was something that reminded him of the South Omaha Stockyards. Which of course works too. Gotta rise above the shit.
OMAHA: I feel great about my city and the people involved with the Omaha YPs. They are out there doing big things and are truly making progressive change happen. It's inspiring to see. A newly minted member of the board of directors, my wife Katie keeps me up on all the exciting happenings in the works that will continue to move our community forward in big and small ways.