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Professional Vietnamese Voice Over Service
VNVO Studio is a studio system specializing in Vietnamese voice over services  with a low cost and professional work ethic. We have many experienced Vietnamese voice actors who are well-trained with two studios, one in Ho Chi Minh City and one in Hanoi. If you are looking for promotional voiceover, professional voice overs for video ads, greetings, music on hold for enterprises, production introducing, company introducing, entertainment videos, dubbing, ebooks, lectures, or supermartket, hotel, and grocery store voice overs, etc. we tops the market.
Why should you choose VNVO Studio?
Professional Vietnamese voice actors
VNVO Studio is collaborating with more than 10 professional and various voice actors: Saigonese male and female, Hanoian male and female, and native English. VNVO’s voice actors are well-trained to do voice over and dubbing who have many voice over style and different expression that suitable for each detailed requests from customers. VNVO Studio has different offers for each specific voice actor, customers listen to demo and choose which one suitable for their style and budget. Listen to our voice sample  here.
Modern studio armed with full equipment
Sound recorded by personal devices at home or low-cost studios is not good because of noise, echos, and it is not clear and sharp. It’s uncomfortable for listeners, reducing the professionalism as well as the quality of the video, especially the video or audio used in commercials, product or company introducing. VNVO’s professional recording studios in Vietnam ensure the best sound quality thanks to investment on facilities and modern equipments under the supervision of sound engineers. Our products always satisfies customers, even the most fastidious one.
VNVO’s Studio in Vietnam
The cheapest voice over in the market
VNVO Studio is proud to say that our Vietnamese voice over services for commercials, corporate video, training video, switchboard, musich on hold for enterprises are the most affordable in the market. The cost of professional recording in studios is due to the requirement of preparing the studio and hiring voice actors. With around 40 USD, you can have a recording file up to 300 words and Vietnamese voice actor chosen by yourself. For those who need to voice over a bulk and patrons, we offer a big discount in order to bring a maximum value to customers.
All-in Vietnamese voice over service and support after voicing over
VNVO studio edits sound after fishing voicing over for free. Additionally, we prodive high quality English – Vietnamese translation service, and services on synchorizing, dubbing, and making videos following customers’ requests. Our products submitted to customers are the finished products and customers can use them immediately.
The cheapest Vietnamese voice over services on ads, greetings, music on hold for enterprises in Vietnam. More than 10 professional male and female voice actors with Southern and Northern accent along with native English ones. Helping customers synchorize and subtitle according to customers’ requests.
How is VNVO’s workflow?
VNVO Studio has a reasonale and simple worlflow which is applicable for all of customers:
Step 1: Sent your request to VNVO. Your request should include informations as following:
Script: Based on the number of words or length of the video, VNVO will offer you a suitable quote.
Voice actors: Please choose your preferred Vietnamese voice actors after listening demos.
Reading style: Specify the reading style that you would like our artist to act on: monotonous, emotional, gentle or angry.
Other requests: synchorizing, subtitling, translating from English to Vietnamese, making videos, etc.
Step 2: After receiving client’ requests and understanding them, VNVO will offer our client the most affordable price.
Step 3: Clients transfer money (full or part of the amount) after agreeing. VNVO executes the products and submit them to the clients.
Step 4: Clients check out whether there is something need to edit, VNVO will fulfil if any. Clients pay the rest of the amount after feeling satisfied.

Vietnamese Voice Over Service

Vietnamese Voice Over Service


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